Guaranteed NUT FREE restaurant

"The only nuts you'll see are the owners"

Breakfast Special

2 Large Eggs (Anyway) 5.25

2 Large pieces of toast, white, whole wheat, rye, italian or egg bread

Add raisin bread for 0.99

Add homefries with or without onions 0.95

Add English muffin 1.50

Add peameal or ham 1.95

Children or Seniors 4.50

2 piece french toast, 1 Bacon slice with small drink or,

1 egg, 1 bacon slice with 1 slice toast & drink or,

2 pancakes, 1 slice bacon with drink or,

Oatmeal with 1 slice toast

Joe and Laurie's Breakfast 7.95

2 eggs, bacon, ham and sausage

Your choice of 2 French toast or 2 pancakes

Add raisin bread for french toast 0.99

French Toast 6.95

3 pieces of French Toast. Your choice of bacon or sausage

Add Blueberry or Chocolate chip or multiberry, banana or raspberry 0.95

Raisin Bread French Toast 7.95

Raisin bread french toast comes with bacon or sausage

Add blueberry or chocolate chp, Multiberry or Banana 0.95

Meatlovers Breakfast 8.99

3eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, a sausage, 2 toast, homefries & coffee

Add raisin bread toast 0.99

Pancakes 6.95

2 large pancakes. Your choice of bacon or sausage

Add blueberry or chocolate chip, multiberry or raspberry 0.95

Manhandler 12.95

4 egs, 2 pieces of bacon or sausage or 1 piece of ham, 3 pancakes or 3 french toast and regular toast & homefries.


Made with 3 eggs, toast & homefries

Cheese Omelette 7.50

Made with cheddar cheese

Ham & Cheese Omelette 7.75

Western Omelette 7.95

Ham, onion, peppers and cheese

Deluxe Omelette 8.25

Mushroom, peppers, onions, ham, tomato and cheese.

Western Sandwich 5.95

Belgian Waffles

Plain 6.75

Add strawberry, blueberry, strawberry banana, mixed berry or chocolate chips 8.25

Add Bacon or Sausage 8.25

Try our specialty Waffle cinnamon bun with icing or ice cream for only 8.95

Side Orders

Single French toast of pancake 2.95

Order of toast and jam 1.65

Homefries made with or without onions 0.95

English muffin, bagel or muffin 1.65

Extra bacon or sausage 1.80

Raisin bread toast 1.99

Toast and jam 1.75

Bagels 1.99

Bagels with cream cheese 2.49

Try our other products

Steak and Eggs 11.99

2 large eggs, 5 oz steak and homefries

Egg Benedict 7.95

2 poached eggs on an English muffin with peameal hollandaise sauce, homefries and coffee

Egg Muffin 6.99

1 egg, cheese, ham or bacon on a toasted English muffin and coffee

Drinks 1.80

Apple juice

Orange juice

White milk

Chocolate milk



Hot chocolate