Guaranteed NUT FREE restaurant

"The only nuts you'll see are the owners"

Dinner Menu

(starts 4pm to 7pm)


Small Onion Rings 2.85

Basket of Onion Rings 5.99

6 Piece of Mozz Sticks 4.99

Garlic Bread, 4 slices 4.99

Garlic Bread with cheese, 4 slices 6.25


Liver and Onions 10.50

with mushrooms & bacon, gravy, small salad and fries

Salisbury Steak 9.95

with fries or masged potato, small salad and gravy

Hot Hamburger Sandwich 9.95

with fries, small salad and gravy

Add small salad 9.99

Roast Beef Dinner 11.99

with mashed potato, gravy, veggies & small salad

Roast Turkey Dinner 11.99

with mashed potato, gravy, veggies and small salad

Hot Turkey Sandwich 10.99

with fries, gravy and small salad

Perogies 10.99

with fried onions, bacon, fries, sour cream and small salad

5 oz Steak Dinner 11.99

with mushrooms, onions, fries and small salad

Fish and Chips

1 piece 7.50

2 pieces 9.50