Guaranteed NUT FREE restaurant

"The only nuts you'll see are the owners"

Lunch Menu

(starts 1pm to 4pm)


Home made chicken noodle soup 4.95

Cream of mushroom soup & tomato soup 4.25

Clam chowder 4.95

Soup & Sandwich Special 6.99

Tuna, turkey, grilled cheese, ham and tomato


Bacon, lettuce and tomato 5.25

Grilled cheese with fries 4.75

Tuna with or without onion 4.25

Tuna Melt 4.95

Fresh turkey or chicken with lettuce & tomato, mayo 5.50

Steak Sub 9.99

loaded with peppers, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, cheese and my special sauce

Steak Poutine 11.99

French fries topped with 5oz seasoned steak and poutine

Poutine 5.95

Fries with gravy and cheese curds

Onion Rings (small) 2.85

Onion Rings (basket) 5.99

Mozz Sticks 4.99

6 pieces of Mozz sticks

Laurie's Signature Club Sandwich 8.95

Turkey & ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mozz cheese and mayo

Chicken Fingers with fires 7.50

Hamburger Platter 8.50

Fries and coleslaw. Add cheese for 0.50 and bacon for 0.95

Beef on a Bun Platter 8.75

With fries and gravy

Hotdog Platter 6.99

With fries and coleslaw. Add cheese 0.50, add bacon 0.95

Large Fries 4.50

Add gravy 0.99

4 slices Garlic Bread 4.99

4 slices Garlic Bread with cheese 6.25


1 Chicken Finger with fries 4.50

Grilled Cheese with fries 4.50

Kids Hotdog with fries 4.50


House salad (small) 4.50

House salad (large) 6.50

Caesar salad 6.50

Julian salad 8.99

Cole slaw 4oz 1.75


Chocolate Milk 1.80

White Milk 1.80

Orange or Apple Juice

    small 1.00

    large 1.80

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate 1.80

Bottled water, canned pop 1.50